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Back workout: Deadlift

Don’t know why but I just wanted to post a video from tonights workout.

I’m currently dieting which means I’m trying to lose a few kilos and shred some fat from my body.

Why? Well, I wasn’t fat or chubby but I just feel more comfortable when my body fat is below 10 percent.

I’m using Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1-template for my deadlift and today was my +1 day. I did 5x135kg and 3x155kg before moving on to my +1 which was 171kg. Last year I did a single on 185 kilo but since then I haven’t really paid much attention to deadlifting.

This is changing and I’m going to lift more than 200 kilos this year. I promise.

Afterwards I did some pulldowns, leg curls, cable rows, curls, face pulls and some intervals outside.

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