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Amsterdam, foodporn and recap

Ouch. Last night I arrived in Aarhus after spending just short of three great days in the lovely city of Amsterdam, Holland.

So what did we do? Not much actually. Thing is I don’t usually go out a lot (been drunk four times so far – if you count out my trip to Amsterdam) so this trip was all about getting mortal – Geordie Shore-style.

So we went out both tuesday and wednesday night and had the time of our lives. It was great fun and we met some cute Danish girls as well (probably also some cute Dutch girls and other nationalities but it’s all kind of blurry).

Wednesday we also managed to work out at Fit4Less in Amsterdam. Great place to work out and with the addition of a few quality barbells and a couple of power racks it would have been complete.

Thursday we wore hung over so we decided to visit The Butcher – a burger bar a friend recommended us:

"The Daddy"
“The Daddy”

I had “The Daddy” – 250 grams of prime Aberdeen angus beef, edam cheese, bacon, grilled onion, BBQ sauce and a home made bun. It was by far the best burger I’ve ever had. If you ever go to Amsterdam try a burger at The Butcher.

Now you might wonder how healthy all of this was? Well, binge drinking and eating crappy food like white bread for breakfast isn’t healthy at all. But after working 42 hours a week for seven weeks I needed a break and this was perfect. We had so much fun, actually worked out a little and my physical health is back to normal. A few days with my regular diet and some intensive workouts and I’m all good again.

Remember: Do what you like to do even if it includes the occasional partying and crappy foods.

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