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Are you going too fast?

Couldn't help myself
Couldn’t help myself

We all know the type; boy/girl who needs to lose a few kilos/pounds but never seems to get the job done. On top of that they complain to you and everybody else claiming that they’re “eating almost nothing.” That is, of course, not true but it is rather rude to point out that he or she is lying.

Instead I’ll tell them this little parable I “stole” from a friend of minewei:

A guy keeps getting speeding tickets although he claims that he is never going too fast. What is most likely; that all the equipment owned by the police is faulty (at several locations, at different times and so forth) or that the guy is in fact speeding all the time?

What say you?

So what is most likely? That you friend is over eating or that the laws of physics seems to have no effect on him or her?

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