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Common muscle building mistakes

Yesterday Predator Nutrition posted an article about six common bodybuilding mistakes. An easy digestible article that adresses some common issues for a lot of people.

Here is my take on PN’s issues;

  • 1. Over exercising

A lot of people spend more than two hours in the gym. And that’s without changing of clothes and warming up. That’s too much for most people.

Instead of doing a bunch of unnecessary exercises (especially isolation exercises) focus on the basics and keep your resting to a minimum. Resting for more than two minutes is often too much.

If you do a fullbody workout 3-4 times a week you might spend 90-120 minutes each time but remember that it is not necessarily beneficial to work out that long.

So if you want to shorten your workouts – which you probably should – stick to the basics and take shorter breaks.

  • 2. Avoiding cardio

Doing a ton of cardio during a phase where you try to build up muscle is a bit counterproductive because you’ll have to eat more calories to gain muscle. But it is still a good idea to do some sort of cardio on a regular basis to keep your heart healthy. Besides that doing cardio like HIIT will be beneficial for your overall body composition. And 5-10 sprints 3-4 times a week isn’t much to ask for – is it?

  • 3. Getting too little sleep

This is a given. Sleep too little and you will feel tired and indispoed. Some might even feel more hungre than usual. Ohh, and your muscles recover best during your sleep so make sure you get adequate sleep.

Keep your sleeping patterns the same and aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Including the weekends.

  • 4. Eating Too Little

You need to eat big to get big. That’s about it. If you don’t feed your muscle you won’t grow. Think of it like a house; if you don’t make sure you’ve got adequate building materiel you won’t be able to build a new garage.

So if you’re not gaining weight on a regular basis (I prefer to aim for 200-400 grams per week) you’re not gaining muscle. (Almost as) Simple as that.

Focus on getting plenty of protein and healthy fats and lots of vegetables and fibers.

  • 5. Following repetitive monotonous workouts

If you do the same you’ve always done you’ll get the results you’ve always got. So if you’re not lifting heavier weights, more reps or sets regularly your body will adapt. Instead of doing the same split or program all year mix it up. Break the year into quarters or even months where you focus on different aspects. It could be strength or hypertrophy – it’s up to you.

This will also help you stay motivated.

  • 6. Over thinking!

Instead of focusing on which angles you should hit biceps from you should focus on the basics; lift with good form/technique, leave your ego at the door/in the changing room, use compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and so forth and give it your all when you’re at the gym.

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