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Guidelines to an easier diet

For most people diet is a returning necessity – and an annoying one. Whether you’re just trying to lose a few pounds because of over-indulgence over time or if you’re trying to shed some fat like the pros before beach season begins diet is a pain in the a** for the majority of people.

But diet doesn’t have to be all “chicken and broccoli” or endless walks on the threadmill (I won’t go into details regarding cardio on diet. For more on that subject check out my blog post “Sprint – and lose fat”).

The key to a succesful diet is to eat fewer calories than you burn and to hit your macros. Even though you shouldn’t base your diet on chocolate and gummi bears you don’t have to abandon all the foods you love.

If you make sure that you get lots of protein from good sources like meat, dairy, perhaps whey and you get some good fat from avocadoes, nuts, oils and fish and at the same time eat a lot of vegetables it is okay to have a piece of chocolate. Maybe you want to eat a piece of cake at work. Then do it. Just be aware that sweets and the like are very high in calories and that you have to burn more calories then you eat if you want to lose weight.

A salad and some chicken can be boring. But try using ingredients like avocado, melons and seeds/nuts to spice up your salad. Or  wrap your chicken in some turkey bacon or ham of some sort. The key is to avoid eating the same over and over again but keeping a caloric deficit through out the day.


  • Don’t overdo your diet. If you hit your macros and eat healthy most of the time, surely there is a place and time for some “unhealthy” foods.
  • Try to avoid eating the same over and over again. Mix up your meals.


Because I’m Danish here are some inspirational sites for the danes (sorry):

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