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Log: Upper body workout

Today I did an upper body workout. I’m not a big fan of over complicating my workouts so what I did was pretty simple.

P = Rest between sets in seconds

T3010 = 3 seconds excentric, 0 seconds pause bottom, 1 second concentric and 0 pause at the top

A1 + A2 means that I’m doing A1, then A2 and then pausing)

W1D6: Upper body

A) Barbell incline bench press
5×62.5kg, 5×72.5kg, 5×82.5kg – This set was my +5 set in my 5/3/1-cycle – pretty weak.

B) Wide-grip pull ups (P75)
8x5xbw + 7.5kg

C1) Barbell decline bench press (P60)

C2) DB rows

D) Dips (P60)
5x5xbw + 32.5kg (the video is of the third set)

E) Seated DB incline curls (P60 T2010)

F) Evil wheel (from knee)

G) C2 rowing
6 x 20/15-intervals (20 seconds full throttle and 15 seconds pause)

Time: 10.30 AM – 12.15 PM (I usually spend around 1-1.5 hours in the gym when I work out but today I talked a lot between exercises and just enjoyed my one day off from work this week).

Right now I’m adding more and more calories to my diet but it’ll take some time before my pressing strength is back on track. Probably a few weeks.

If you’re interested in my diet please feel free to ask.

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