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Motivation and drive

Motivation is a funny thing. Everyone wants it even though it doesn’t last. You can’t stay “motivated” forever. Eventually you’ll run short of short-term or long-term goals, you will progress slower, you may be injured or your path may be obstructed.

So what do you do if your motivation abandons you? You sit down, analyze and find out why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I often get the question how I stay “motivated” to work out 4-7 (maybe even 10) times a week. I don’t. I’m not always motivated but it is just what I do. Sometimes it’s tough as hell and sometimes it’s tough but rewarding. Life can’t be all flowers and rose petals. If you want results you’ll have to grasp for something else than motivation.

You’ll have to want it. It must be an inner drive. A desire. Motivation is just what gets you going.


Compare working out with soccer practice (I am after all a Dane); you don’t always want to practice in snow and rain or play a match but you still show up 3-4 times a week – why is that? Because you like what you’re doing. It drives you to play soccer which is why you keep doing it. Sometimes it’s demotivational but you push through it and eventually become motivated again.

Because it is an inner drive. It makes you satisfied and is a part of you.

If you don’t get this feeling when working out and you need to be motivated every time you go to the Gym you will fail. Sorry. It is not “hard” or “boring” to work out more than two times a week but it will be if you’re only doing it for well-being or for a limited period of time.

I know the above seems like a lot of rambling but in short what I am trying to say is that it won’t get any easier going to the Gym if you don’t like it know. It is hard work to achieve results when it comes to body composition, strength and hypertrophy. But is it worth it?

For me it is. You’ll have to find out if it is for you.

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