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Nine great ideas to improve your workouts

Todays blog post is some great advice from Dan John. I’ll briefly give my views and his advice but I recommend you to read the full article on T-Nation.

1. Use Countdown Reps

Don’t know about this one. Might work. Do what ever makes you tick. I prefer counting from one and up.

2. The “And-One” Method

I personally find this more confusing than helpful.

3. Embrace “Ish”

This is just another way to mix things up – which is a good thing. In my mind three things are key in a program: Overload, variation, repetition – this meets practically all three demands.

4. Punch the Clock

Ohh, how this is true. Working out is not all about motivation. It does not always have to funny and motivating. Sometimes it just has to be done. These are the “punch the clock” workouts. You show up, do your job and go home. Boom. Kinda like attending soccer practice in the freezing cold on a frozen field (yup that’s Denmark in february/march for you).

This is what sets you aside from the average Gym-Joe.

5. Perform Challenges

I like this one. Most of the time I just “punch the clock”. I keep overloading and keep getting stronger but sometimes you just have to do something completely different. Like doing a 20-rep breathing squat or a curling competition (not the “sport” with the broomstick, geez). I could also be some farmer walks, sprints or something similar to a crossfit WOD.

6. The Hangover Rule

Nothing new. Sometimes you expect nothing and get everything in return. Use it. If you one day feel like crap but all your lifts are easy then go for a PR – you might get it.

7. Look for Gaps

Great advice for almost everyone. Look at your program: Are there any gaps? Yes? Fix it. No? Good.

8. Meet the Standards

Dan John’s standards:

Power Clean: 205 pounds
Deadlift: 315 pounds
Back Squat: 255 pounds
Front Squat: 205 pounds
Standing Press: 115 pounds
One-Arm Bench: 70 pounds (5 right/5 left)
Power Clean & Jerk: 165 pounds
Bench Press: 205 pounds

If you can do this in one session you’re good. If not: Keep on improving. Besides the three last exercises I’m good but the above is for a school boy so it’s kind of embarassing that I only barely meet the standards 🙂 But then again I’m not human perfection in any way.

9. Trust Your Intuition

Trust your intution. Dan explains it better than I could ever do so just read the article.

All in all you should just read the article. I won’t take credit for it. But it is good.

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