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Online Training case: Mai

Tell us briefly of yourself and your background

I’m 27 years old, work as a secretary. I’ve lived in Aarhus since 2009, but come from Djursland.

I increasingly value being healthy, as with time I’ve learned that my mental health depends on what I eat and how much I exercise. However, before the Online Training Package, I had completely lost all joy and motivation. It seemed impossible. And so I started comforting myself with food – again.

Why did you choose Thomas Moberg Fitness?

I have followed Thomas on Instagram and Facebook for a while, and I liked his approach to training and “no bullshit” attitude. Probably, I also thought that it would be good with a male coach to avoid falling into the “emo”-trap. It should be one who could kick me in the butt and really push me.

How was the nutrition/changes to you?

In the beginning there were some difficulties, because I’m lactose intolerant, and I quickly felt bloated. I was suddenly supposed to eat a lot of food, which I wasn’t used to. So I needed to wrap my head around that. We quickly changed that, however, and now I’m really glad to have gotten such a good relationship with (a lot of) healthy food.

I haven’t felt hungry during the Online Training Package, and I’ve actually not really had cravings. In agreement with Thomas, I’ve allowed myself treats, such as candy on Saturdays, so that I have balance in my everyday-life, I can use going forward.

Mai startede ved mig den 18/8-2015 med en vægt på 73.5 kg og vejer nu (15/10) - online training
Mai went from 73.5kg to 68.2 in just 2 months! And she looks amazing!

How has online personal training been/worked?

The training was surprisingly easy and manageable. I probably always thought that I need to spent several hours in the gym each day to get results. But Thomas showed me that an hour and a walk every other day is sufficient. It has been nice to “allow myself” to have a life on the side. It has been liberating to know that you don’t need to dedicate all of your time to get results.

Have the results and the cooperation lived up to the expectations?

Without a doubt. I am more than pleased, and I have benefitted more from the Online Training Package than I expected. Thomas is a fantastic coach, who has always had answers and encouragement to my questions, worries and obstacles.

Have you had other benefits from your Online Training Package than physical changes?

Before the Online Training Package, my mind set was either-or: Either you are all-in, or you are out. I came into the Online Training Package expecting to really kick ass and lose those damn pounds. But now I am through and on the other side, I have found something more. I have found a way, which truly works, and actually also fits into my life. No longer do I feel that I need to dedicate my whole life to a package of 8/12/14 weeks, where I must give it everything I got. This is definitely the best part I can take with me going forward.

Also, Thomas has made me improve my sleep, and taught me, that to avoid stress, I should not be training several hours a day and get my full night’s sleep. Previously, it has really stressed me, when I felt, I didn’t do all the things I thought I should. That showed on my tummy J

What has been good about the Online Training Package/training/nutrition?

Everything, actually. There has been room for me to be a human / to live, and that has been really giving.

How are your plans for the future?

Stay focused on what I’ve learned: To eat healthy, train a couple of times or more throughout the week to slowly built myself the body I want, making sure that it doesn’t stress me, but instead is something I enjoy and want – for my own sake 🙂

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