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Protein powder is bad for you

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Hell no. Protein powder is good for you. Ahh. What a relief.

Okay, back to topic. A couple of days ago an idiot on DR News (Sanna Strøh Andersen to be more specific) posted a story about protein powder. She quoted DR’s health “expert” Marianne Aagaard who claimed – and I quote – that:

The male population of Denmark gets plenty of protein through their food which is why protein powder is a waste of money – Marianne Aagaard, master in Fitness & Training

Maybe it’s true. Probably not. Most of my friends commit daily carbocides with little regard to their protein intake. Maybe they drink a litre of milk and eat some meat. Those guys might be covered. Okay, maybe a lot of Danish males have their protein intake covered. Barely covered.

But that’s not the retarded part. Marianne Aagaard claims that excess protein gets converted to carbohydrates and fat and results in such severe side effects as frequent visits to the lavatory. Oh. My. God. How is that a side effect? Christ (I’m sorry for all the profanity).

Besides that there is the issue with illegal substances (PED’s and such) in supplements from countries outside of Denmark. But come on. With a little research and some common sense you can easily avoid these. Or just keep it simple and buy Danish supplements from Bodylab or other suppliers.

Oh. Marianne Aagaard also claims that big muscles does not attract girls and are a disadvantage in sports while athletic or “fit” muscles are nicer.

Stacey Oster does not agree, Marianne, and I for one prefer Stacey over you – sorry to say so:

The original article (in Danish):

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