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Ten ways to improve your training part II

Whoa. It’s been a while since I last posted something on my blog. As you might have noticed I don’t create a lot of articles myself. Instead I comment other articles I find interesting and try to add a bit of bonus information. Hope that’s okay

For the first part of the “series” look here.

6) Choose a Short-Term Focus Area

Great and sound advice. Instead of trying to master everything choose some things you want to improve. These can be changed during the year but don’t think you can develop huge quads and at the same time run five marathons in a month. Focus on one thing at the time.

7) Choose a Long-Term Focus Area

While you have to choose short-term focus areas you’ll also have to choose long-term focus areas. If we look at hypertrophy your long-term goal can be to develop huge quads. Your short-term goal can then be to increase your 1RM in squat. By doing this you’ll be able to squat heavier even when doing more repetitions which in turn has a bigger hypertrophy potential.

If your long-term goal is completing a marathon a short-term goal can be to do sprints to increase your VO2-max. This will help you achieve your long-term goals.

You get the point.

8 ) Do Technique Work

This is most important if you’re lifting weights. If your technique suck you’ll put yourself in harms way and eventually (or if you’re lucky: Never) get injured.

Therefore do some technique work. Especially if you’re doing crossfit.

9) Create Hard Deadlines

Deadlines are the best. Especially when trying to lose weight. Instead of saying: “I’ll try to do this and this in a few months” say: “I’ll deadlift 200kg before 2014” or something like that.

Commit to a date by choosing a competition and enter it. It can be a run, a crossfit competition or just a bet.

By doing this your whole life will reflect your choice to keep your own promise (the deadline).

10) Learn to Quiet Your Mind

Also good advice. Health isn’t just about looks – it’s also mental health. But read advice number 10 in the article for an elaboration.

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