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The one-day arm cure

He has big arms, right? Well, everyone wants big arms. And so do I.

A long time ago Charles Poliquin posted an article on T-Nation called The one-day arm cure. A ridiculous program consisting of an entire day of arm-training from 9 AM to 5.30 PM – now THAT’S bodybuilding for ya! (Please look past all the supplements that he encourages you to buy and take – that’s just typical T-Nation)

The thing is I’m thinking about doing a one-day arm cure myself. Just for the fun of it. But my work as an intern starts on the 19th of August alongside with me starting on my Anatomy and physiology class at Fitness Institute on the 31st of August so right now I haven’t got the time.


Maybe I’ll do this on my birthday (the 12th of January) – what a great present! This year I did a 185 kilo deadlift on my birthday. Hopefully I’ll beat that during this fall/winter.

What do you think about the program?

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