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Why calories count

Armi Legge at imprü recently posted an article about why calories count. I won’t go in-depth with the article. Instead I’ll highlight the main points and comment them.

You often hear people say that weight loss or fat loss isn’t a matter of calories but of macronutrients. A lot people also claim that you can lose weight without eating a caloric deficit – e.g. by eating a low-carb high fat diet.

That is not true. And here is why.

Armi Legge starts out by explaining how weight loss studies are carried out – read that. It’ll give you some great insights and explain to you why a lot of studies are rubbish.

When People Create a Caloric Deficit — They Always Lose Weight

The studies Armi outlines all show that when creating a caloric deficit you lose weight. Periode.

When People Eat More Calories than They Need — They Always Gain Weight

The same studies also show that when you create a caloric surplus you’ll gain weight. Period. That alone should be proof that calories count. But wait, there is more.

Why Some Studies Seem to Show that Calories Don’t Count

The reasons why some studies show (or seem to) that you can lose weight without creating a caloric deficit are many.

  • Diets help people eat less without realizing it by placing restrictions on food intake (no carbs, low-fat, no meat, no gluten etc.)
  • People have no clue how much they eat (they really don’t. Even dietitians are not always aware of this)
  • People often underestimate their food intake and overestimate their exercise level
  • Low-carb diets make people lose more water weight (carbohydrates are largely converted to muscle glycogen which binds about 3-4 grams of water per gram – so eating fewer carbohydrates will make you bind less water = less weight)
  • Studies on rodent are…. Performed on rodents! You’re not a rodent.

Besides all of the above the studies also show that it doesn’t matter if you’re eating low-carb, high-carb or anything in between – it makes no significant difference.

Armi Legge explains these points in full in the article and it is worth reading. Especially if you believe that you can lose weight without creating a caloric deficit.

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